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Dedicated Internet Access

Get the internet your business deserves

Connecting you to the world

Our Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is designed especially for organizations that require direct connection into the heart of the Internet. Utilizing either leased line or Metro-Ethernet circuits with an optional wireless line back up, the Extreme DIA service provides a robust connection to the global public Internet infrastructure with minimal latency and high throughput for all end-users.

With our various partnerships with Tier 1 carriers around the globe, we now have access to most of the major cable systems around the region. Our precious cargo (your internet traffic!) has access to cable systems like C2C, EAC, SMW3, SMW4, AJC, Unity, AAG, SJC and TGN, just to name a few.


Tailor-made packages to meet customers' needs

Symmetrical upload and download speeds

24/7 customer support

Comprehensive service level agreement (SLA)

Flexible and speedy bandwidth upgrade

Border gateway Protocol (BGP) option

Why choose Extreme DIA

Extensive global IP backbone

Our coverage includes all major Asian markets and partnerships in locations like China, Indonesia, India, Thailand, the US and Europe. We are also connected to major research and educational networks like JANET, MyREN, AARNET and SINGREN.

One hop access & direct peering

One hop access to most internet peering points on the internet and direct peering with major content providers..

Flexible deployment options

Full, tiered, burstable port billing support.

Access speeds from 4Mbps to FE

Value added services

Online reporting, co-location, managed services support, VoIP, IP address address assignment, SLA, DNS and domain name regisration.

Why choose Extreme DIA

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