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What is SD-WAN and What Are the Benefits to Your Business

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  • This year, 90% of companies are expected to have at least some of their applications or infrastructure based in the cloud.
  • The flexibility, scalability and efficiency of distributed workforces is intensifying the demands on the wide area networks (WANs) that connect employees across cities, countries, and continents.
  • SD-WAN market is expected to grow significantly in the next five to six years from the market size of $501.3 million in 2017 to over $12.11 billion by 2023.

What is SD-WAN?


  • It’s short for software-defined wide area network and it’s an evolution of the WANs that most businesses use to connect geographically distributed locations like branch offices and work sites.

How does it help?


  • One of the biggest game-changers is that it intelligently mixes and matches connection links in real time to avoid dropouts and outages.

Other benefits of SD-WAN include:


  • More Security : Businesses receive end-to-end encryption with endpoint authentication for all network-wide.
  • Less Work: Policies and quality of service standards to be centrally managed, eliminating the need for tedious, time-consuming manual configuration.
  • Less Expenditure: Can reduce CAPEX by optimising the use of less expensive resources such as cable, fibre and mobile connections. 



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